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My Implants Have Arrived!

Saturday, April 6th, 2013



AND….. they were all wayyyyy too big.. contrary to the designs I submitted, they all came 1cm larger in length and width ! UGH! so being the resourceful and impatient person that I am, I told the surgeon to get me a scissor and a scalpel and I decided to sculpt my existing implants into their proper shape – 5 HRS later… PRESTO! My new “Tonka Toy G.I Joe” Arm Implants are shaped to perfection! Surgery countdown in T-minus 7 days!

Single Again….

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013


I’m having withdrawals from seeing my mom, brothers & sister (sistA Christina & myself pictured above)! Its my first time being single in almost 4 years… I don’t know if I can ever consider moving back to NC permanently, BUT sometimes its hard in NYC to not feel alone. When husbands leave, the only thing left to keep me sane is my family; I am so lucky to have such an amazing bond with mine. ┬áTime to try and re-assume some control in my life…. speaking of reclaiming myself – Tomorrow is my appointment to see all 8 of my new custom implants that have just arrived! I DESIGNED THEM DOWN TO THE TENTH OF A CENTIMETER – TEXTURE, COLOR, VISCOSITY, SHAPE – there’s nothing like them ever created anywhere else in the world! If all goes well, I’ll be having my NEW and improved deltoid and bicep implants “installed” next week Thursday, April 11, 2013…. I’m looking for a silicone manufacturing company to partner with me to be able to offer my own line of custom male enhancement implants.. can you imagine–a world where everyone can be a silicone soldier like me! ┬áDesigning my body and working on this brand such a priority for me right now – without it, all I would be is heartbroken from the breakup. Anyone have any new husband prospects for this human ken doll? Where’s Patti from millionaire matchmaker when you need her!