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I’m so excited about the new STROMA laser!

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013


Its been awhile since my last entry, so I have alot to cover. For years I have been pursuing changing my eye color.  I have even flown to central america to inquire about a procedure there that was being offered to permanently change my eye color to a GREEN from my current hazel/brown! It would be so stunning on me! Unfortunately, I haven’t been open to accepting the risk of any of the procedures that are currently out for eye color change… BUT I’ve been following STROMA and it appears they will have a laser that sounds to be very safe and successful in lightening eye color!!!! I may have to go overseas if i don’t want to wait for the FDA approval but this laser sounds promising!


I’m looking to partner with a “forward thinking” cosmetic Urologist. I have been working on an innovation that I think could offer an amazing option for patients interested in Phalloplasty (penile enlargement). If anyone in the field might be interested to hear me out, I truly believe that we could pioneer a new procedure that could offer the most impressive results when compared to anything else currently offered on the market.

I’m still pushing forward with my personal implant line – Its all happening …. I just wish it could be on fast forward! I’m impatient!



Happy post Memorial Day! It was an insane week of social events and hosting nightlife; everything from a chat with George McDonald at the Log Cabin Republican Meeting, Good Morning America’s   Central Park Concert featuring Mariah Carey, supporting a friend for my first ‘sit-in’ on an SAA (Sexaholics Anonymous) meeting, Soho House lunch-in, rooftop tea parties and hosting friends at “Penthouse” party at the COPA Club as well as “Bond” at The Darby in NYC.  I love the big apple!