Monthly Archives: February 2014

A New Direction

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

You’ve probably seen me in the news media a bit more lately. From the Bethenny Show to a New Years Day appearance on TLC, it seems that entertainment news and daytime talk shows can’t get enough of me.

The problem, however, is that these shows tend to show only one side of me. My interviews with the entertainment shows are edited down to a few salacious sound bites and most of my appearances on daytime talk shows were produced to provide more spectacle than substance. I’m often asked, “Why appear on shows where they try to pick you apart?” My answer is pretty simple:

It’s because I am working toward a larger goal.

As you know, I am passionate about change. When I was a teenager, growing up in rural New York State, I had a vision of a better life. I knew that I was destined to not only change my appearance, but also change my state of mind – I chose to pursue happiness.

Lately, as I’ve drawn closer to that goal, I realize that the journey I am on – much like any journey – has educated me. I have greater insights into not only how society regards beauty, but also how people regard themselves.

Each cosmetic procedure – from a major tummy tuck to a routine dermabrasion – requires a considerable amount of mental and emotional preparation. There is a story behind every procedure. And every procedure, once completed, sends a patient on a new journey as they realize the physical and emotional changes that have come about.

My mission is to guide people on their journey. Further to that goal, I’ll be writing a lot more here as we explore not just my experience, but yours as well.

Every procedure – much like every patient – is different. We will not be taking a “once size fits all” approach to changing one’s life.